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Our doctors work across a range of services and clinics at our hospitals and community locations.

Name Speciality Clinic
Dr Tai-Juan Aw Speciality: Rheumatology Clinic: Rheumatology Clinic (Fridays at The Alfred)
Prof Leon Bach Speciality: Endocrinology Clinic: Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic
Diabetes Clinic
Young Adults Diabetes Clinic
Endocrinology Clinic
Mr Charles Baillieu Speciality: Faciomaxillary Clinic: Facio-Maxillary Clinic
Dr Tania Bain Speciality: Radiology
Dr Christopher Bain Speciality: Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Miss Sharmila Balanathan Speciality: Vascular Surgery
Dr Maryanne Balkin Speciality: Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Dr Christine Ball Speciality: Anaesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Dr Ee Jun Ban Speciality: General Surgery
Dr Jeremy Banky Speciality: Dermatology
Dr Ian Barabash Speciality: Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Thomas Barber Speciality: Nuclear Medicine
Dr Kristeen Barker Speciality: Renal Medicine Clinic: General Nephrology Clinic - Caulfield (Friday afternoons fortnightly at Caulfield Hospital)
General Nephrology Clinic - Sandringham (Friday afternoon fortnightly at Sandringham Hospital)
General Nephrology Clinic ( Wednesday afternoons at The Alfred)
General Nephrology Clinic (MBS) (Tuesday mornings at The Alfred)
Renal Transplant Clinic (Monday to Friday mornings at The Alfred)
Mr Richard Barton Speciality: Plastic Surgery, Faciomaxillary Clinic: Facio-Maxillary Clinic
Prof David Barton Speciality: Psychiatry
Dr Rashid Bashir Speciality: Cardiology
Dr Shaun Baxter Speciality: Emergency Medicine
Dr Jonathan Beavers Speciality: Geriatric Medicine Clinic: Geriatric & General Medicine in Older People Clinic
Mr Harvinder Bedi Speciality: Orthopaedic Surgery (Alfred)
Dr Paul Beech Speciality: Nuclear Medicine