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COVID-19: Find out about our screening clinic - and note our reduced visitor hours and visitor restrictions

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Beyond the Frontline

Teamwork has been the cornerstone of our response to COVID-19. While our frontline workers continue to provide outstanding care, this special video series features some of our other staff who have been crucial in the COVID-19 effort. Hear from six of our staff across security, reception, cleaning, spiritual care, capital works and pathology on how they've helped prepare for the pandemic.

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Lockdown leads to spike in drinking

While Victorians were locked down under stage 3 restrictions, alcohol sales increased thirty-four per cent compared to the same time last year. Addictions psychiatrist Pat Tolan has shed some light on why the COVID-19 restrictions are causing some people to drink more - and what implications that might have post-COVID. Dr Tolan gives an insight into why he thinks increased alcohol intake is a problem and offers some suggestions of what we can do instead of drinking.

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Dry July 2020

Are you ready for the challenge? Community support is key to The Alfred’s history and its future. By joining us this year for Dry July, you will be helping to raise funds and deliver real and meaningful impacts to those in the community dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

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