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The work of Alfred Health researchers is published in a range of peer reviewed journals.

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Publication Details

Factors associated with post-traumatic stress symptoms experienced in the acute phase following haemopoietic stem cell transplant

Pillay B, Lee SJ, Katona L, De Bono S, Burney S, Avery S

(2016), Bone Marrow Transplant, 51(3),

“Black Saturday” and its aftermath: reflecting on postdisaster social work interventions in an Australian trauma hospital

Du Plooy L, Harms L, Muir K, Martin B, Ingliss S

(2014), Aust Social Work, 67(2), 274-84

Routine screening for psychological distress on an Australian inpatient haematology and oncology ward: impact on use of psychosocial services

Lee SJ, Katona LJ, De Bono SE, Lewis KL

(2010), Med J Aust, 193(5), S74-8