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Factors predicting health status and recovery of hand function after hand burns in the second year after hospital discharge

Knight A, Wasiak J, Salway J, O'Brien L

(2017), Burns, 43(1), 100-6

DOI: 10.1016/j.burns.2016.07.025

Early pathogenic colonisers of acute burn wounds: a retrospective review

Park HS, Pham C, Paul E, Padiglione A, Lo C, Cleland H

(2017), Burns, 43(8), 1757-65

DOI: 10.1016/j.burns.2017.04.027

Cupping: the risk of burns

Seifman MA, Alexander KS, Lo CH, Cleland H

(2017), Med J Aust, 206(11), 500

DOI: 10.5694/mja17.00230

A rare case of failed healing in previously burned skin after a secondary burns

Goldie SJ, Parsons S, Menezes H, Ives A, Cleland H

(2017), Burns Trauma, 5, 32

DOI: 10.1186/s41038-017-0099-3

Female patients display poorer burn-specific quality of life 12 months after a burn injury

Wasiak J, Lee SJ, Paul E, Shen A, Tan H, Cleland H, Gabbe B

(2017), Injury, 48(1), 87-93

DOI: 10.1016/j.injury.2016.07.032

Predictors of moderate to severe fatigue 12 months following admission to hospital for burn: results from the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand (BRANZ) Long Term Outcomes project

Gabbe BJ, Cleland H, Watterson D, Schrale R, McRae S, Taggart S, Darton A, Wood F, Edgar DW; BRANZ Adult Long Term Outcomes pilot project participating sites and working party

(2016), Burns, 42(8),

Artificial dermal templates: a comparative study of NovoSorb™ Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM) and Integra(®) Dermal Regeneration Template (DRT)

Cheshire PA, Herson MR, Cleland H, Akbarzadeh S

(2016), Burns, 42(5),

The Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand: progressing the evidence base for burn care

Cleland H, Greenwood JE, Wood FM, Read DJ, Wong She R, Maitz P, Castley A, Vandervord JG, Simcock J, Adams CD, Gabbe BJ

(2016), Med J Aust, 204(5),

Retrospective review of a tertiary adult burn centre's experience with modified Meek grafting

Munasinghe N, Wasiak J, Ives A, Cleland H, Lo CH

(2016), Burns Trauma, 4,

A comparative analysis between antibiotic- and nonantibiotic-associated delayed cutaneous adverse drug reactions

Trubiano JA, Aung AK, Nguyen M, Fehily SR, Graudins L, Cleland H, Padiglione A, Peleg AY

(2016), J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract, 4(6),

Three years after Black Saturday: long-term psychosocial adjustment of burns patients as a result of a major bushfire

Pfitzer B, Katona LJ, Lee SJ, O'Donnell M, Cleland H, Wasiak J, Ellen S

(2016), J Burn Care Res, 37(3),

Is operative management of fractures safe in the collocated burn and fracture injury?

Bradshaw L, Wasiak J, Cleland H

(2015), Injury, 46(6), 1145-9

Transfer time to a specialist burn service and influence on burn mortality in Australia and New Zealand: a multi-centre, hospital based retrospective cohort study

Cassidy TJ, Edgar DW, Phillips M, Cameron P, Cleland H, Wood FM; Steering Committee of the ANZBA Burn Registry of Australia and New Zealand

(2015), Burns, 41(4), 735-41

Clinical differences between major burns patients deemed survivable and non-survivable on admission

Mahar PD, Wasiak J, Cleland H, Paul E, Loke SY, Fong HC, Kirby JC

(2015), Injury, 46(5), 870-3

Effective use of Biobrane as a temporary wound dressing prior to definitive split skin graft in the treatment of severe burn: a retrospective analysis

Tan H, Wasiak J, Paul E, Cleland H

(2015), Burns, 41(5), 969-76

Use of clotted human plasma and aprotinin in skin tissue engineering: a novel approach to engineering composite skin on a porous scaffold

Paul M, Kaur P, Herson M, Cheshire P, Cleland H, Akbarzadeh S

(2015), Tissue Eng Part C Methods, 21(10), 1098-104

Mortality and length of stay in elderly toxic epidermal necrolysis patients

Mahar PD, Wasiak J, Gin D, Cleland H, Watters DA

(2015), Australas J Dermatol, 56(3), 233-4

Long term outcomes data for the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand: is it feasible?

Gabbe BJ, Cleland H, Watterson DM, Schrale R, McRae S, Parker C, Taggart S, Edgar DW; Burns Registry of Australia, New Zealand Long Term Outcomes Working Party

(2015), Burns, 41(8), 1732-40

Early and late complications of ocular burn injuries

Cabalag MS, Wasiak J, Syed Q, Paul E, Hall AJ, Cleland H

(2015), J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg, 68(3), 356-61

Citicoline (CDP-choline) for traumatic brain injury

Tan H, Wasiak J, Rosenfeld JV, O'Donohoe TJ, Gruen RL

(2014), Cochrane Database Syst Rev, 8, CD011217