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We produce useful resources to help inform patients and their families about their care and encourage involvement in making decision about treatment. 

Our patient information resources are about conditions, treatments and services provided by our hospitals. These resources are written by our health professionals and are reviewed regularly to make sure all the information is up-to-date. You will also find resources from external health organisations. 

Remember that written information should only be used in conjunction with advice from the health professional who is looking after you. If you would like to comment on any of these resources, or if you would like to request a copy in a different format, contact our Patient Information team.

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Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre: Peter Mac

Better treatments mean more and more people are surviving cancer. Many of these people go on to lead normal if not extraordinary lives, while for some cancer has a lasting impact. This can include ongoing side effects of treatment, fear of a cancer relapse or other physical, emotional, financial and social concerns.

Cancer Council Victoria

Services, resources, fact sheets, research, news and forums


CanTeen is here for you if you're 12-25 and cancer has turned your world upside down.

Leukaemia Foundation

The Leukaemia Foundation is Australia's peak body for blood cancer, funding research and providing free services to support people with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders, and their families.


We improve the lives of people affected by cancer, now.

Living after cancer treatment brochure: Livestrong

These brochures offer resources related to the physical, emotional, and day-to-day concerns of people affected by cancer after treatment.

Living beyond cancer: Memorial Sloan Kettering

Thanks to advances in detection and treatment, more people than ever before are surviving cancer.

Living beyond cancer: NCSS

Cancer Survival Toolbox® Special Topics

Living well after cancer: Cancer Council

Improved methods of cancer detection and treatment have led to an increase in the numbers of people surviving and living with cancer for longer periods of time.


At Macmillan, we know how a cancer diagnosis can affect everything. So we’re here to support you and help you take back some control in your life.

Survivorship - during and after treatment: American Cancer Society

Information and tips on staying active and healthy during and after cancer treatment.

Survivorship Care Plan: OncoLink

This free and easy to use program provides cancer survivors with information regarding the health risks they face as a result of cancer therapies.

Survivorship: Cancer.net

Cancer.Net's survivorship section provides helpful information for cancer survivors and their friends and family.

Survivorship: National Cancer Institute

Adjusting to physical and emotional changes after cancer treatment and tips on coping with fear of recurrence.