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Communicating in a mask

For many of us, wearing a mask is a necessary inconvenience. But for the one in six people in our community who are deaf or hearing impaired, wearing masks can be incredibly isolating. Anthony Cignarella is a nurse educator in our heart and lung team – he’s also hearing impaired. He’s put together some tips on communicating while wearing a mask.

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COVID a threat to vital organs

COVID-19 is not a standard respiratory virus, it’s a serious threat to a number of vital organs. As medical specialists learn more about the virus and how it affects the human body, alarming complications are becoming evident including life-threatening blood clots in the lungs, heart and brain of COVID-19 patients.

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Alfred Health Graduate Nurse Program Information Session for 2022 intake

The Graduate Nurse Program Coordinator will share information about The Alfred Health Graduate Program. Various other presenters including graduates will then introduce themselves, and share key aspects of their experience & involvement supporting graduates undertaking the program. Students can ask questions via the Q&A platform function on the webinar. Some of these questions will be answered during the session. Remaining questions will be posted to the website after the event.

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