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The Alfred is one of Australia’s busiest hospitals.

We have the largest and most active trauma service in Australasia and one of Australia’s leading Intensive Care Units.

In an environment where we receive on average 180 patients in Emergency and Trauma every day, advanced and specialised equipment is fundamental to our ability to save lives.

Having the best equipment is fundamental

In the past donors have generously funded specific pieces of equipment. The challenge with this approach is that it takes so much time.
From the time we identify the need, to raising the money and purchasing the equipment, it can be more than 12 months.
In an environment like The Alfred where we treat some of the most complex patients in the country, this is just too long.
With your help we aim to raise $5 million to establish this critical fund, enabling us to purchase lifesaving equipment as soon as it’s needed.
The Fund will give us the flexibility to buy lifesaving equipment as soon as it is needed, meaning we can have greater impact, faster.

A Life Saved - A Life Lived


In 2006 at just 17 years-old Shannah Anderson was brought to The Alfred with what she thought was the flu. In mere hours she was close to death, after rapidly developing a type of infection well known for being fatal. 

A strain of potentially deadly Staphylococcus bacteria, probably lying dormant in Shannah’s body for some time, had erupted as a result of the flu and rampaged through her body, shutting down her major organs and damaging her lungs.

For Shannah, having the right equipment at the right time was the difference between life and death. It has meant she has been able to go on to live an amazing and full life. When asked, Shannah recounts so many special milestones and memories in her life since her time at The Alfred and has been gracious enough to share these with us.

It is because of stories such as Shannah’s that we decided to launch the Lifesaving Equipment Fund. Shannah’s survival relied extensively on an extraordinary amount of equipment, in particular the ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) machine.


Shannah in ICU at The Alfred in 2006


Shannah getting married in 2018

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