Urology Unit


Mr Peter Royce Head of Unit - General Urology, Oncology, Brachytherapy
Mr Alex Cato General Urology, Reconstructive surgery
Mr Chee Wee Cham General Urology, Laparoscopic surgery
Mr Chris Chang General Urology, Advanced Laparoscopic surgery
Mr Douglas Druitt General Urology
Mr Jeremy Grummet General Urology, Robotic surgery
Mr Uri Hanegbi General Urology, Oncology, Laparoscopic surgery
Miss Karen McKertich Female Urology, Incontinence
Mr Dennis King General Urology
Mr Luke Derriman Urology/Continence Nurse
Mr Justin Chee Laparoscopic surgery, Urethral reconstruction
Mr Matthew Harper General Surgery, Sandringham Hospital

Description of Service

For patients requiring immediate attention, phone the Urology Registrar on call through Switchboard on 9076 2000 and/or send to The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre.

For urgent referrals, contact the Urology's personal assistant on 9076 3196 and fax a comprehensive referral to 9076 5429 (Attention: Urology personal assistant).

For all other appointments, fax referrals to 9076 6938.

Go to the Urology Referral and Management Guidelines (below) for further information about when to refer, what information including investigation results are required, and the priority listing for specific conditions.

General Information

Phone 9076 2025
Fax referrals to 9076 6938

Outpatients Clinic
1st Floor
Alfred Centre

Hours Of Service
Tuesday afternoons weekly
Alternate Friday afternoons

Outpatient Information
The clinic includes
Urology Consultants and a Urology/Continence Nurse.

A multidisciplinary Uro-oncology meeting is held fortnightly in conjunction with Medical and Radiation Oncologists from the William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre