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Interpreter Services at Alfred Health

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Alfred Health is committed to responding to the needs of Culturally, Linguistically and Spiritually Diverse (CALD) consumers.

Qualified and accredited interpreters are available to assist consumers;

  • who request an interpreter,
  • who prefer to speak a language other than English, including AUSLAN for deaf patients 
  • who are unable to have every day conversations in English,
  • who are able to have every day conversations but are not able to discuss clinical issues in English, and
  • when staff need an interpreter to ensure effective communication.

Alfred Health can also respond to other cultural needs, including providing spiritually appropriate food and pastoral care support.

Please discuss any particular cultural, linguistic, religious and/or spiritual needs with your health care professional.

For further information, please contact the Alfred Health’s Cultural Diversity Coordinator on 9076 2793 or Alfred Health’s Pastoral Care Coordinator on 9076 3138. 

Do you need an interpreter?

Click here to download a copy of The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria. This is available as a free printed brochure (order from Supply via e-req) or as an audio file, in Braille and 25 community languages from the Department of Health.