Health Information Privacy

Health Information Privacy at Alfred Health

Protecting patient privacy is something we value at Alfred Health.

Throughout The Alfred, Caulfield Hospital and Sandringham Hospital, patients are made aware of why their information is collected, used, and disclosed.

Wherever possible, we will provide patients with choices about how their information is used and to whom it is disclosed.

Confidentiality of health information is assured. Information is stored in a secure manner, both paper-based and electronically. We support, promote and comply with the 11 Health Privacy Principles.

Patient information will only be used and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected and be protected from misuse.

The collection or sharing of information is limited to that which is necessary, rather than what may be useful in the future.

Alfred Health will make every effort to be clear about the purposes for which information is being shared.

We will also be open with patients about why information is being shared and with whom, what will happen to it, and how the patient can get access to it and correct it if necessary.

Alfred Health produces a brochure for patients outlining 'What Happens to Information About Me'