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Description of Service

The Specialist Consulting Clinic provides an extensive range of medical and surgical specialist clinics supported by a multidisciplinary team inclusive of allied health specialists, diagnostic services and interpreter services.

The maternity and gynaecology services at Sandringham Hospital are managed by the Royal Women’s Hospital (the Women’s).


  • Orthopaedic (Public clinic) 
  • General Surgery (Medicare clinic)  
  • Cardiology (Medicare clinic)
  • Renal Physician Clinic (Medicare clinic)
  • Endocrinology (Medicare clinic)
  • Maternity (antenatal) (Medicare clinic)
  • Gynaecology (Medicare clinic)
  • Paediatric (Medicare clinic) 
  • Pre-Admission clinic (Public clinic)


You will require a referral from your GP to have your first appointment in one of the specialist's clinics (please fax to 90761583)

For GPs or specialists requesting a maternity or specialist gynaecology clinic appointment for their patient, at Sandringham Hospital, visit the Women’s website 

For all other specialist's clinics at Sandringham Hospital, GPs and specialists can fax their patient referral letter to 9076 1583 

Referrals are assessed by a doctor and an appointment allocated by priority.

A letter will be sent once your referral is received and a further letter sent once an appointment is made. Please refer to Sandringham Hospital Outpatient Information Sheet for what to bring.

The pre admission clinic is to pre-admit  patients prior to their surgery and ensure their fitness for surgery. Patients are booked into pre admission clinic (by the hospital staff only) for assessment of their medical condition prior to surgery.


You must notify us if there is any change to your contact details, if your appointment is no longer required, or if you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment.

If you are unable to attend your maternity or gynaecology appointment at Sandringham Hospital, phone the Women’s between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday on            9076 1233.

For cancellations only, you can e-mail to cancel.sandringham@thewomens.org.au.  Please specify your name, date of birth, Hospital No (UR) and the appointment (including date) to be cancelled.

For all other appointment, please contact us

Telephone: 90761288 (outpatients reception)
Fax: 9076 1583
Email: gsclinic@sdmh.org.au  

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