Neurosurgery Department


Mr Martin Hunn Director of Neurosurgery 9076 5704
Ms Sylvia Oklobdzija PA to Director Neurosurgery 9076 5704 Email
Professor Jeffrey V Rosenfeld Senior Neurosurgeon 9076 3716
Mr Patrick Chan Consultant Neurosurgeon 9076 3716
Mr John McMahon Consultant Neurosurgeon 9076 3716
Mr Nicholas Maartens Consultant Neurosurgeon 9076 3716
Mr Rondhir Jithoo Consultant Neurosurgeon 9076 3716
Mr Keith Gomes Consultant Neurosurgeon 9076 3716
Mr Carlos Chung Consultant Neurosurgeon 9076 3716
Dr Ali McIlroy Clinical Neuropsychologist 9076 8640
Mr Noel Sceriha Nurse Manager 9076 3380 Email
Dr Philip Lewis Scientific Officer 9076 3716
Ms Ana Debona Department Secretary 9076 3716 Email

Description of Service

The Alfred Neurosurgery Department has a team of experienced general neurosurgeons who all have subspecialty interests as follows:

  • Mr Martin Hunn in cerebellopontine angle tumours, brain tumours, surgery for cerebral aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations, cervical spine surgery, and the surgical management of trigeminal neuralgia.  
  • Prof Jeffrey Rosenfeld in cerebrovascular surgery, skull base surgery, brain tumours and neuro-endoscopy, which involves a small telescope instrument passed into the brain to improve the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and to biopsy and sometimes remove tumours or cysts; 

  • Mr Patrick Chan in complex spine surgery, which includes spine trauma, spine tumours and degenerative spine disease, and a clinical interest in brain tumour surgery;

  • Mr John McMahon in cerebrovascular surgery (intracranial aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and trigeminal neuralgia), pituitary surgery and cranial microsurgery.

  • Mr Nicholas Maartens in pituitary surgery, complex spine surgery and cranial microsurgery.

  • Mr Rondhir Jithoo in cranial and spinal trauma, and anterior spinal surgery, including surgery for degenerative conditions. He is also interested in the application of spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain syndrome.

  • Mr Keith Gomes' interests include Functional neurosurgery and Complex Spine surgery as well as Neuro-oncology. He has an interest in traumatic brain injury and consults at the Acquired Brain Injury Unit, Caulfield Hospital. He has been involved with research in the fields of neural prosthetics, image guidance, traumatic brain injury and neurosurgical audit systems.
  • Mr Carlos Chung in neurovascular diseases (aneurysms, AVMs, fistulae, cavernoma), with dual-training in conventional micro-neurosurgery (clipping of aneurysms) and minimally-invasive percutaneous endovascular techniques(coiling of aneurysms).

The Neurosurgery Department provides a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient neurosurgical service, treating the full range of intracranial, spinal and peripheral nerve disorders.

The Unit treats around 2,100 inpatients annually with around 50% being elective and 50% emergency.  Trauma accounts for approximately 35% of the caseload.  We have a very busy outpatient clinic, seeing 4,000 outpatients per year.

The Department has developed sub-specialty interests in cerebrovascular surgery, spine surgery, skull base surgery, pituitary surgery, and neurotrauma.

We are committed to providing excellence in neurosurgical care through quality management, education and training of health care professionals in clinical and laboratory research.

We also have an ongoing commitment to enhancing our links with other Alfred departments, general practitioners and outside institutions.

The department accommodates a number of neurosurgical training positions, including four Registrars, four Residents and international neurosurgical trainees and fellows. Previously, neurosurgical fellows from Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, People's Republic of China, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Laos have undertaken training within this department.

The department also provides a clinical neuropsychology inpatient and outpatient service to assess and treat patients with brain injury or neuro cognitive deficits following brain injury or illness. The service can provide opinion regarding differential diagnoses, evaluation of pre- and post-surgical changes, treatment and management recommendations, rehabilitation strategies and behavioural intervention, family or carer counselling and education, a monitoring process of patient changes in functioning over time, and assessments for legal Guardianship and Administration Tribunal hearings.

In collaboration with the neurosurgical team, a Neurosurgery Support Group (NSG), comprising of voluntary ex-patients and carers, provides professional support to new patients to assist them in their recovery process.  The NSG can provide pre-surgery information, hospital visits pre- or post-surgery, public education leading to early diagnosis of neurosurgical conditions, financial support for and organisation of group meetings, fundraising for state-of-the art equipment for the care of neurosurgery patients, and promotion of awareness of neurosurgical care via the media, video distribution and talks to appropriate organisations.  The NSG can be contacted on Tel: 9076 3380 and Fax: 9076 6067.

Research Activities

The unit has ongoing collaborations with internal and external researchers across surgical, preclinical and multidisciplinary/medical device projects. These include:

  • Monash Bionic Vision Project
  •  Early interventions to improve outcomes after traumatic brain injury in conjunction with the Intensive Care Unit (EPO-TBI and POLAR).
  • Randomized controlled trial of antibiotic impregnated external ventricular drains
  • Immediate cooling and emergency decompression (ICED) for the treatment of spinal cord injury: pilot, safety and feasibility studies
  • Incidence and Treatment of Clinical Significant Dysphagia amongst Patients Treated in Halo-Thoracic Orthoses for Traumatic Cervical Spine Injury
  • A mechanistic approach to therapy development for chronic traumatic encephalopathy using small and large animal models of concussion
  • Investigation of a Liposome drug delivery system for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in rodents (with Prof Ben Boyd from Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) and Prof Robert Medcalf from Monash Central Clinical School (CCS)
  • Correlation of accelerometers with concussion in amateur footballers with National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI)
  • Randomized trial of antibiotics in treatment of low back pain (with Rheumatology and School of Public Health & Epidemiology)





General Information


Appointment referrals, bookings and enquiries:
Tel: 9076 2025
Fax: 9076 6938

Inpatient enquiries:
Tel: 9076 3644
Fax: 9076 6067

Neuropsychology referrals and enquiries:
Tel: 9076 8640
Fax: 9076 3740

Tel: 9076 3716
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