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Professor Anton Peleg Director
Ms Alison Haitana - PA Director PA Director 9076 6076 Email
A/Prof Denis Spelman Deputy Director
Prof Jenny Hoy Director HIV Medicine
Mr Brian Price Business & Community Services Manager 9076 3981 Email
Ward 7 West 9076 3772
Fairfield House 9076 2700
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Description of Service

The Department of Infectious Diseases at the Alfred Hospital is one of the largest and most comprehensive infectious diseases clinical services in the country. It is also an academic Department within the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Central Clinical School, Monash University and is a premier centre for clinical and biomedical research and education.

The Department offers expertise in general infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, hospital-acquired infections and antimicrobial resistance, infection prevention and antimicrobial stewardship, travel-related infections, viral hepatitis, sexually-transmitted infections, and infections in immunocompromised hosts including critical care, burns, cystic fibrosis and solid organ (lung, heart and kidney) and stem cell transplant recipients. We have four active clinical units at any one time with a dedicated general infectious diseases inpatient unit, an HIV inpatient unit, a general consultative service and an immunocompromised host service. Through our Alfred Infectious Diseases Training Program we provide outstanding opportunities for advanced training in infectious diseases

One of the premier services provided by the Department is the Victorian State-wide HIV Service, which provides a comprehensive program for individuals and populations affected by or infected with HIV in Victoria. This ranges from acute care and chronic illness management, to health maintenance, prevention and health promotion. Complications of HIV and antiretroviral therapy, in addition to the myriad of co‐morbidities such as cancer, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, renal impairment, viral hepatitis and liver disease, drug and alcohol related disorders, neurocognitive impairment and psychiatric illness are all managed in a multidisciplinary ambulatory care clinic.

We are geographically located within a vibrant Alfred Medical Research Precinct, which provides a seamless transition between clinical care, research and education. In collaboration with other Monash Partners, we have recently been named as one of four Academic Health Science Centres by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council.

We are driven by excellence in patient care and this is supported by our passion for research, quality improvement and infectious diseases education and training.


Patient ServicesAcute Service

Acute Service
If you are acutely unwell you will need to go directly to the Emergency Department.
24 Hour Service. An Infectious Diseases Consultant is always on call.

Infectious Diseases Outpatient Clinic
Appointments can be made through the Infectious Diseases Outpatient Clinic.
9076 6081

General ID Clinic -2nd Floor, WS Philip Block, The Alfred

General Information

9076 3009 or 6076 / 9076 2431

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Infectious Diseases Unit
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Infectious Diseases
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