Colorectal Surgery (CRS)


Mr Roger Wale Head of Unit 9576 1411 or 9387 1000 Email
Mr Chip Farmer Consultant Surgeon 9509 8384
Mr S Skinner Consultant Surgeon 9509 8188 or 9387 1000
Mr Peter Carne Consultant Surgeon 9509 1177
Mr Stephen Bell Consultant Surgeon 9509 8033 or 9387 1000 Email
Mr Martin Chin Consultant Surgeon 9076 2000
Mr Paul Simpson Consulting Surgeon 9509 5592 Email
Ms Bernadette Hadfield Stomal Therapist 9076 2575 Email

Description of Service

Management of diseases of the intestine, colon, rectum and anus. Includes malignancy, inflammatory bowel disease, functional disorders, stomal surgery and colonoscopy.

Special interests include

  • sphincter saving surgery
  • ultrasound
  • anal function studies
  • anal reconstruction
  • laparoscopic colo-rectal surgery
  • surgery for advanced colo-rectal malignancy
  • complex pelvic surgery
  • hereditary colorectal neoplasia and HIV/AIDS

Support Services

  • Stomal Therapy-Ms Bernadette Hadfield
  • Anal Function Studies-Mr K Chip Farmer
  • Transrectal Ultrasound (Dept of Medical Imaging)
  • Incontinence Service
  • Genetic Testing and counselling for Familial Bowel Cancer.

Department Files

General Information

9076 3337 / 9076 6938

Hours Of Service
Outpatient Clinic-
Wednesday AM
2nd Floor, WS Philip Block
The Alfred

Referral information
should include:
Radiology films and reports,
pathology reports and
colonoscopy reports