Cognitive, Dementia and Memory Service (CDAMS)


Ms Elizabeth Rand Manager 9076 6010

Description of Service

CDAMS is a specialist diagnostic service that aims to assist people experiencing changes to their memory and thinking.

CDAMS provides diagnosis and assessment of the psychological, medical and social difficulties associated with memory changes.  It aims to provide information and advice on management and referral to other services as appropriate. 

CDAMS does not provide ongoing treatment or case management.

A CDAMS assessment involves medical and allied health consultations.  This may include an initial home visit followed by medical and neuropsychological assessment in the clinic. 

A family meeting is held at the completion of all assessments to discuss the results and recommendations.

Interpreters can be arranged where English is not the first language of the person to be assessed or their family.

The CDAMS team comprises

  • Geriatrician

  • Neurologist

  • Psychiatrist

  • Neuropsychologist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Social Worker

  • Community Nurse.

Referral / Eligibility Criteria

Clients requiring a diagnosis or explanation of the memory problems that are causing them or their family concern would benefit from attendance at CDAMS. 

Those where the diagnosis is already known would generally not be eligible for our service unless a specialist second opinion was required.

People of any age can attend CDAMS, however the clinic is predominantly focused on memory problems associated with ageing. 

Clients must live in the cities of Stonnington, Port Phillip or  Glen Eira. 

All referrals must be made through the Caulfield Access unit. 

Ph: 9076 6776
Fax:  9076 6773


CDAMS Information Brochure (73.5Kb, PDF)


General Information

9076 6010 / 9076 6435

Caulfield Consulting Clinics
1st Floor Building 28

Hours Of Service
Tuesdays & Wednesdays
8.30 to 5.00

Outpatient Information
Self referrals are accepted as well as referrals from families, and health professionals.

Whilst a GP referral is not essential, involvement of the family GP is encouraged.

All referrals must be made through the Caulfield Access unit.

Ph: 9076 6776
Fax: 9076 6773