PrEPX Research Study

PREPX Research Study Announced

The Victorian Government announced it will expand access to pre-exposure prophylaxis* (‘PrEP’) as part of a new public health research study. The aim is to prevent the spread of HIV among Victorians at high risk of infection. 

The new study called, PrEPX, will see up to 2,600 people access PrEP medication. It is sponsored by the Victorian Government, Alfred Health and the Victorian AIDS Council. 

It is anticipated that enrolling participants in the study will start by mid-2016, after the necessary approval processes have been completed by the relevant bodies.  

Interested in PrEPX?

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- Call the PrePX contact on 0429 473 138.

  *Pre-exposure prophylaxis, (‘PrEP’) is the use of medication to prevent HIV infection in people who are at high risk.