Medical Workforce Unit

- HMO Medical Workforce Unit 2014

The Medical Workforce Unit has two major roles:

1)   Supporting HMOs and Registrars;

2)   Supporting the Parent Unit in which HMOs and Registrars work.


In providing these roles the Medical Workforce Unit primarily facilitates the following tasks:


  • Junior Medical Staff Recruitment
  • Appointments (Classification / Notification etc.)
  • Rotation / Roster Allocation
  • Alfred After Hours Roster Management
  • Administrative Orientation 
  • Roster Development and Rostering
  • Leave Cover Allocation
  • Timesheet / Pay Issues
  • Feedback Meetings / Sessions with HMO's
  • Medical Workforce Unit team is also on-call after hours for after hours roster issues.


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Senior Medical Staff

The documents below provide additional information required for appointment and credentialing of senior medical staff.