Chief Executive's Performance Dashboard

Welcome to the Chief Executive's Performance Dashboard.    

The reports available from this page provide a snapshot of Alfred Health's hospital performance across a range of indicators.   

This dashboard includes two reports:

We monitor our performance through different benchmarks:

  • Targets set by the Department of Health - such as elective surgery and emergency treatment times.
  • A range of internal measures, central to healthcare excellence.
  • National Safety and Quality Health Service standards that apply to hospitals nationwide.

By keeping track of our performance in this way, hospital administrators and clinicians, can track progress at-a-glance, follow trends and identify areas requiring attention.

Some sections of the daily dashboard are self-explanatory though you may wish to refer to the page on understanding the data. The Safety and Quality Indicators are also followed by a list of helpful definitions. If you wish to make a comment or offer some feedback on the dashboard, please click here.

Andrew Way
Chief Executive
Alfred Health

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