How to Access Services

Caulfield Access

Caulfield Access provides information and referral support for people interested in accessing services for themselves or on behalf of others.

For further information and to access services contact Caulfield Access:
Phone: 9076 6776
Fax:     9076 6773
Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm (excluding public holidays)

You are welcome to visit CCHS during business hours to find out more.

Fees apply to most programs and services within CCHS. In exceptional circumstances, fees may be reduced or waived.  Some services may require a medical referral.


Fee for Service

Caulfield Community Health Service is required to generate a component of income via a fair and transparent fee for service process. A fee for service is a financial contribution payable by a client which in part meets the cost of the health care service received. The fee for service payable by the client is dependent upon the client’s income level. Clients will be asked to self declare as high, medium or low income at the time of referral processing. The high, medium and low fee for the relevant services will be explained to the client at the time of referral processing. Income level categories and fee levels will be indexed annually. A fee may be reassessed if a client’s financial circumstances change or at the request of the client. For more information please view the following documents: