Emergency Departments

The Alfred

Emergency and Trauma Centre

1800 ALFRED - your Emergency and Trauma Centre referral hotline

Did you know The Alfred has a dedicated 24-hour hotline for GPs to refer patients to the hospital's Emergency and Trauma Centre?

GPs wishing to refer a patient can phone 1800 ALFRED (1800 253 733) any time of the day or night.

The Admitting Officer will usually answer this hotline, but a "cascade" system is in place to ensure that calls to this number are always answered.

No written referral is required.

Information for patients presenting to The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre

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Sandringham Hospital

Sandringham Emergency Department

Head of department: Dr. James Taylor
Contact person: Allison Kibel, Emergency Department Secretary                     

Our Services

Sandringham E.D. provides a 24 hour, 7 day service for the triage, stabilisation and management of all emergencies including paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics.

The emergency department will see all emergencies for assessment and stabilisation.  In addition we provide a 4 bed Short-stay Observation Unit (SOU) for initial care of selected conditions up to 24 hours.

Within the hospital we have access to inpatient General Medical, General Surgical, Gynaecology, Obstetric and Orthopaedic care.  Seamless transfers and referrals occur between Sandringham ED and The Alfred as they are part of the same health care network.

 Contact Numbers

Dr. James Taylor
E.D. Medical Director

9076 1214

Ms. CHris Batey
E.D. Nurse Unit Manager

9076 1573

Ms. Allison Kibel
E.D. Secretary

9076 1207

Dr. Tony Bottrall
Director Emergency Medical Training

Via switchboard
9076  1000

Ms. Sam Dix
Clinical Nurse Educator

Via switchboard 
9076 1000

E.D. Clerks Desk

9076 1470
9076 1474