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The Alfred Centre

The Alfred Centre

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The Alfred Centre is an innovative healthcare facility within The Alfred site.  It provides short-stay elective surgery (length of stay less than 3 days), diagnostic procedures and other planned services for public hospital patients.

The Alfred Centre operates as a ‘one-stop' service, minimising the need for multiple hospital visits.  It focuses on reducing elective surgery waiting times by separating emergency and elective surgery at The Alfred so that patients' surgery will not be postponed. 

Patients referred to The Alfred Specialist Consulting Clinics (Outpatient Department) may have their surgery performed at The Alfred Centre.

For general enquiries regarding The Alfred Centre, phone 03 9076 2000.

The Alfred Centre also provides a comprehensive new service for diagnostic and interventional radiology where patient's will not be out of pocket for most examinations carrying a Medicare Rebate (all non-rebateable MRI scans carry a fee based on the duration of the scan).  There is car parking available for radiology patients directly under The Alfred Centre facility

GPs can directly refer patients for radiological investigations by calling our Patient Services Centre Radiology Bookings on 03 9076 0357.  Fax number for Radiology referrals is 03 9076 0399.

Radiology request forms can be obtained by either completing the referral form on Medical Director or by printing a copy of this form.

Printed stationary can be obtained by phoning 03 9076 6085 or fax 03 9076 2299 if you prefer.

The report of the patient's investigations will be faxed to you if you request this on the Radiology request form.

For Radiology reports phone 9076 6062 or 9076 6085.