Renal Medicine Registrars

APT Specialty Registrar Positions

These positions are suitable for accreditation for advanced training with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP). 

These positions will be offered through a centralised application & interview process
via the RACP (please check the RACP website at


Renal Medicine (2 Positions)

New and current trainees are required to directly apply through the College website via My Training.  Exiting trainees should also contact the Head of Unit for appointment and interview. A computer match will be held to facilitate the appointment for all positions - please check the RACP website at for application and closing date details. 

Prospective candidates in the first instance should contact Dr Solomon Menahem 
Department of Renal Medicine, phone: (03) 9076 2580.

For further information, contact Prof. Rowan Walker, phone: (03) 9903 0659.



Please note applications must be submitted to the
Victorian RACP Office (enquiries RACP website at