The Alfred Specialist Consulting Clinics (Outpatient Department)


Ms Nonie Sutcliffe     Nurse Manager                                          9076 2025
Miss Jo Tesoriero     Private Consulting Clinics Coordinator   9076 3795


General enquiries regarding referrals and appointments:

Phone: 9076 2025 (Queue priority for GPs only: dial 5)
Fax: 9076 6938


Description of Service

The Specialist Consulting Clinics provide an extensive range of medical and surgical specialist clinics supported by multidisciplinary staff inclusive of allied health specialists, diagnostic services and interpreter services. 


The Specialist Consulting Clinics are located in the WS Philip Block in the main Alfred Hospital building, and on the 1st Floor, Alfred Centre (corner of Commercial and Punt Roads.) Please see the Alfred Health Clinic Listing regarding specific clinic locations.


Accessing the Specialist Consulting Clinics

Referrals are prioritised by senior clinical staff and an appointment is allocated according to the priority. 


The Alfred triages all Specialist Consulting Clinic referrals according to urgency as defined by four priority categories. The Referral and Management Guidelines for General Practitioners provide information about:

  • when to refer,
  • what information including investigations are required in referrals, and
  • the priority listing for each condition and likely waiting time to appointments.

The Alfred Outpatient Referral Form is also available to print and fax to the Specialist Consulting Clinics on 9076 6938.


If relevant investigation results are subsequently received by the GP after a referral has been sent to The Alfred Specialist Consulting Clinics, please fax the results to 9076 6938 with a coversheet stating: "Additional information for referral for PATIENT'S NAME and DATE OF BIRTH."


You and your patient will receive notification of the date of your patient's Specialist Consulting Clinic appointment.


If you have any concerns about the timing of your patient's appointment, please contact the Specialist Consulting Clinics Nurse Manager. 


If the patient's condition becomes urgent prior to being seen in The Alfred Specialist Consulting Clinics, please contact the unit registrar concerned through switchboard on 9076 2000.


Please note that some clinics are MBS-billed clinics.  For these clinics, referrals are to be addressed to a specific doctor. For a listing of medical staff attending The Alfred Specialist Consulting Clinics, please refer to the Clinic information for the clinic required for the patient.