Services for Children and Young People

Aboriginal Liaison & Access

CCHS engages with people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds to enhance access to culturally appropriate health and community services and improve health outcomes.

We can help with....

  • Advice and referral to other services
  • Advocacy and support

Community Health Nursing

Community health nurses provide health information, workshops, support and resources for individuals, community groups, schools and service providers.

We can help with...

  • Body image
  • Relationship skills
  • Self esteem
  • Sexual health and wellbeing


Counsellors are skilled in talking with children and young people about a range of issues affecting overall health and wellbeing. Family therapy is also offered.

We can help with...

  • Body image
  • Loss and grief
  • Relationship skills
  • School experiences
  • Self esteem


Accredited practising dietitians offer nutrition services for children, young people and families. Nutritional needs are discussed and education is provided regarding recommended nutrition as well as advice on modifications for special diets.

We can help with...

  • Infant feeding concerns
  • Eating disorders
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Fussy or difficult eating behaviours
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and while breastfeeding
  • Weight management

For more information about paediatric nutrition and dietetics please click here


Occupational Therapy

Paediatric occupational therapists focus on helping children develop skills that will enable them to move towards independence and reach their optimum potential at home, school, kindergarten and childcare.

We can help with...

  • Achieving developmental milestones
  • Hand manipulation skills
  • Dressing and other care skills
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Pre-writing and handwriting skills
  • Sensory motor development
  • Sitting balance and posture
  • Visual skills, perceptual skills and body awareness

For more information about paediatric occupational therapy please click here




Paediatric physiotherapists offer a service for children and young people who require assessment, advice and treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal or neurological conditions.

We can help with...

  • Achieving developmental milestones
  • Balance and coordination
  • Muscle and joint injuries
  • Strength and stamina
  • Walking, climbing, running skills

For more information about paediatric physiotherapy please click here



Podiatrists assess foot and leg development for children and young people and provide treatment and advice regarding footwear and insoles.  A particular focus is placed on managing lower limb development throughout the first four years of life.

We can help with...

  • Achieving developmental milestones
  • Discomfort, redness or "wear" marks on the feet
  • Uneven wear on shoes
  • Walking and running skills
  • Warts, skin and toenail problems

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Paediatric psychologists help children, young people and their families manage the developmental, emotional and behavioural components of life.

We can help with...

  • Achieving developmental milestones
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Behaviour management
  • Healthy play
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Social skill development

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Speech Therapy

Speech pathologists offer assessments and management for children (prior to school entry) who have difficulties in communication, language and fluency.

We can help with...

  • Articulation
  • Comprehension
  • Fluency
  • Understanding of expressive language

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