GP Liaison

GP Liaison team at Alfred Health

GP Liason JS   GP Liason TO          

Dr Josie Samers
(GP Consultant) 

Tracey O'Connell 
(GP Liaison) 




The GP Liaison team at The Alfred aims to improve communication between General Practitioners and Alfred Health to enhance patient care. This includes:

  • Facilitating communication between Alfred Health and GPs in the community, including HMO education and improving discharge and outpatient correspondence.
  •  The development and implementation of strategies to assist in Outpatient demand management and facilitate patient care. 
  •  Website redevelopment and maintenance.
  • Assisting GPs in accessing hospital services, and providing a point of contact for GPs.
  • Liaising with the Primary Health Networks on a number of projects, including GP and practice nurse education programs. 
  •  Encouraging patients to have a GP. Further information about why and how to find a GP is available here

The Alfred Health GP Liaison team welcomes your feedback and suggestions. Please contact us by email, or contact us on 9076 2620.

For general enquiries, or patients requiring information see Contact Us on the website.