How to participate at Alfred Health

Whilst there are different categories of consumer participation, the most popular way of participating is as a volunteer consumer. To do this you will have to join the consumer register.


Joining the Consumer Register - becoming a volunteer consumer 

The Consumer Register is a group of current, past or potential patients or family members of Alfred Health or other health services who agree to share their perspective or experience to help us create services that are more sensitive and responsive to patients individual care needs.

Members of the Consumer Register are considered a type of Volunteer and are recruited through the Volunteer Managers. 

Volunteer at Alfred Health

All members of the consumer register must undergo a national criminal history check, an interview and a referee check as well as undergo a formal orientation session at the relevant hospital campus.

Once formally recruited, the Volunteer Manager will refer you to the Manager Patient Experience and Consumer Participation Program (PECPP) to take you through the formal consumer role statement and identify what consumer activities you can participate in, depending on your interest, experience and availability.

Levels of Participation

    Level 1: Member of the Community Advisory Committee

    Level 2: Member of the Consumer Register

    Level 3: Patient/Carer

    Level 4: Mental Health Consumer

Examples of consumer activities include:

-       Administration of the patient experience  survey using motion tablet devices directly to patients and families

-       Theming and analysis of patient feedback data

-       Revision and development of written patient publications and other resources

-       Membership of ongoing or short term committees, working groups and project groups focussing on patient safety and specific service improvements

-       Focus groups and interviews seeking your views on specific aspects of care for consideration by key committees, working groups and project groups

-       Participating in food tasting panels for the selection of a new hospital menu or additional food choices 

-       Co presenting with staff at conferences and forums

-       Sharing your own health care story for use as an educational tool with staff

For further information about the consumer register and role of the volunteer consumer, please contact the Manager of Patient Experience and Consumer Participation Program (PECPP) on 03 9076 2409 or via email