Acute Medical Unit (Ward 4AMU)

The Acute Medical Unit and the General Medical Unit's model of care is designed to improve the quality of care for patients presenting to the emergency department and outpatient clinics with acute and complex medical conditions.

This is achieved by enabling early transfer of care to physicians, rapid assessment and most importantly minimising delays in delivering care. The 4th floor medical model provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary patient assessment and care planning to a diverse range of patients.

This care delivery model will provide you with an opportunity to work closely within a team environment and offers you excellent clinical support.


Alfred Psychiatry

Alfred Psychiatry is a recognised industry leader in acute psychiatric care comprising both adult and child and adolescent services and a research unit, and has a close relationship with the aged mental health service at Caulfield Hospital.

We offer a well supported environment and a collaborative multi-disciplinary team approach focused on producing good outcomes.

The Adult Mental Health Service includes both hospital and community services. 

The inpatient unit at The Alfred is made up of 58 beds distributed across two wards, and includes a State-wide Psychiatric Intensive Care Service. 

Each ward has a full range of nursing, allied health and medical staff.  The general hospital and emergency department are serviced by a comprehensive Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Service and a CATT/Triage team.


Burns / Plastic / Vascular Surgery (Ward 6 West)

6 West is the home to the State Adult Burns Service, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery unit, Vascular Surgery unit, and the Ear Nose and Throat Surgery unit.

As a nurse on 6 West you will learn how to care for patients following various surgical procedures, care for patients' with complex wounds and with artificial airways such as tracheostomies.

6 West offers an opportunity for you to join our dynamic nursing team and further consolidate and advance your practice in a supportive environment.


Cancer Services & Blood Diseases

Blood Diseases & Cancer Services incorporates William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre, Haematology Oncology Clinic & Ronald Sawers Haemophilia Centre.


Cardiac and Thoracic Centre, 3CTC

3CTC is a 54 bed centre comprising of 12 acute beds, 36 stepdown beds, and a 6 bed Cardiac Day Procedure Unit. This Centre provides a totally integrated service for medical and surgical cardiac patients.

Nursing on 3CTC provides you with the opportunity of caring for patient's and their families across the complete continuum of care. Patient casemix includes Acute Myocardial Infarction, diagnostic and interventional cardiology, arrhythmia management,  cardiac and thoracic surgery, acute heart failure including pre and post heart transplantation, patients on Ventricular Assist Devices, inotropes, Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps and those requiring pulmonary artery catheterization to optimize management. 

As a nurse on 3CTC you will become part of a friendly, multi-disciplinary team that provides a unique opportunity to practice patient centred care, in a supportive, stimulating & challenging environment, where you can consolidate and develop your cardiac nursing knowledge and skill, as well as providing ongoing support for Cardiac Post Graduate qualifications. 


Day-Stay, Short-stay surgical & Day of Surgery Admission (Ward 3B)

3B offers a diverse practice base, our short-stay unit has dedicated beds for elective admissions that have a planned length of stay with protocol guided care and event driven discharges.

Day & short-stay patients are treated by a variety of surgical & non-invasive specialties. Patients undergoing more complex procedures are admitted preoperatively to Ward 3B before transferring to a long-stay ward post-operatively.

This clinical role has a strong focus on multidisciplinary teamwork, timely patient assessment skills, effective communication and proactive discharge planning.


Emergency & Trauma Centre

Our Emergency Department is a purpose built modern facility. It has been designed to manage in excess of 50,000 patients per annum. It has 47 treatment bays with 38 having full bedside monitoring and is arbitrarily divided into 6 main clinical areas:

  1. Trauma Centre - 4 resuscitation / theatre bays with digital imaging
  2. Resuscitation Area - 4 bays comprehensively equipped
  3. Acute Area - 17 bays including 2 seclusion rooms for psychiatric emergencies.
  4. 12 bed short-stay facility within the department.
  5. Fast-track - 7 bays including facilities for ophthalmology & ENT examination.
  6. Procedure Areas - 2 procedure rooms and 1 plaster room.

Fairfield House

Fairfield House (FFH) is a 15 bed sub-acute unit caring for People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) with a diverse range of conditions and co-morbidities.

FFH is a rewarding and challenging environment which will allow you to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge needed to meet the complex care needs of PLWHA. These will include managing medical, surgical, psychiatric, drug and alcohol and other psycho- social issues.

FFH provides a strong, cohesive, multi-disciplinary and supportive team environment that encourages self development and education. If you are looking for an opportunity to further your career and learn new skills, FFH will provide the support, training and encouragement to do so.


General Medical Unit (Ward 4GMU)

 Ward 4GMU provides care to a diverse range of patients with acute and complex medical conditions.

The unit is well supported by care co-ordinators and has a multidisciplinary approach to the care that is delivered.

Within 4GMU there is an Acute Assessment Unit, this unit is designed to improve the quality of care for patients presenting to the Emergency Department and outpatient clinics with acute medical condition; there are opportunities to rotate through here.

The ward will provide you with an opportunity to work closely within a team environment and offers you excellent clinical support



The Alfred is one of Victoria's key providers of renal services.

The Alfred Haemodialysis Service currently has up to a 10 chair capacity.

The unit provides predominantly acute dialysis service to 60% inpatient & 40% outpatient client mix.

The unit has a strong affiliation with the solid organ transplant services within The Alfred & provides a high level of acute clinical haemodialysis services.

The Alfred Caulfield Haemodialysis unit located at Caulfield Hospital is a 12-station chronic haemodialysis unit with close affiliation with The Alfred Dept of Renal Medicine.


Hospital in the Home

The Alfred Health HITH unit is a leading provider of acute home based health care in Victoria. The unit currently manages and treats in excess of 50 patients on any given day.

Patient acuity varies, from pre-operative anticoagulation treatment to management of Cystic Fibrosis, Transplant and Burns patients, making the Alfred Health HITH unit both a challenging and rewarding place of employment.

The Alfred Health HITH service is run over two sites, the Alfred and Sandringham hospitals.


Hyperbaric Unit

The Hyperbaric Service is an interesting and dynamic environment which provides specialised care to patients with trauma, acute and chronic wounds, acute infections or side effects of radiotherapy.

The Alfred is equipped with one of the world's most advanced hyperbaric facilities and provides Victoria's State Service in hyperbaric medicine.

It consists of three pressurisable hyperbaric rooms.

The largest provides adequate space for treating the sickest intensive care (ICU) patients when necessary as well as providing comfortable room for up to twelve outpatients receiving routine daily treatments.


Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is dynamic and innovative where the staff are committed to advancing the practice of critical care nursing. 

The ICU provides patient services for trauma, burns, neurosurgery, cardiothoracics, heart and lung transplantation, hematology/oncology and general medicine and general surgery.

We have a customised orientation and education program that will enhance your transition into nursing and also into the environment of intensive care. This is supported by eight ICU clinical educators who provide 7 day a week support within the unit.

Click here for further information about ICU Nursing at The Alfred.


Neurosurgery / Neurotrauma (Ward 2 East)

We care for patients who have undergone both elective and emergency procedures to the brain and spinal cord within a supportive nursing team incorporating the primary nursing model.

Nursing care ranges from pre and postoperative recovery of patients within the Acute Neurosurgical Care Area with a range of complex invasive monitoring, to supporting patients and their families on the road to Neuro-rehabilitation.



Oncology / Haematology / BMT (Ward 7 East)

We provide comprehensive cancer services for a range of illnesses including leukaemias, lymphomas and solid organ tumours.

We are one of two centres in Victoria caring for adult patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.

The ward offers unique opportunities to practice patient centred care in a challenging and supportive environment.

Opportunities exist for further development through collaborative research projects in conjunction with the Alfred/Deakin Centre for Nursing Research.


Operating Suite

The Alfred Operating Suite Service is a dynamic and innovative unit in which our nursing staff provide complex perioperative and perianaesthesia patient focussed care.

Our specialities include but are not limited to, Vascular, Neuro, ENT, Plastics, Ophthalmology, Facio Maxillary, Urology, General Surgery, Orthopaedics and Cardiothoracic surgery.

Our specialist services include Trauma Care, Heart/Lung Transplantation and Burns.

We have sixteen theatres and two procedural suites and provide a supportive learning environment tailored to the needs of students from all disciplines.

Opportunities for post graduate qualifications in this area are available. Individuals who are highly motivated and seeking a challenge will revel in this environment.


Radiology Department

The Alfred’s Department of Radiology is at the forefront of advancing interventional and diagnostic technology.

The Radiology team will provide clinical support and development opportunities to enable you to develop your clinical practice caring for patients across a range of interventional areas including angiography, CT, ultrasound, MRI, fluoroscopy and patient observation areas.


Renal / Neurology / Endocrine / Infectious Diseases (Ward 7 West)

We are a medical specialties unit that provides a wide range of both medical and surgical services in a well supported team environment. 

The ward is diverse and opens up several opportunities with its varied specialty areas including; chronic renal disease, transplantation, diabetes, a wide range of neurological conditions and infectious disease management. 

There is a strong team relationship on the ward which includes all the multidisciplinary teams and various rehabilitation programs.

This ward will provide a sound base for any career in nursing due to its diversity and exposure to a wide variety of patients and conditions. 


Respiratory Medicine (Ward 5 East)

We specialise in many varied & innovative treatments for patients with respiratory illness.

We are a major referral centre for adult and paediatric lung transplantation, cystic fibrosis, COPD and asthma/allergy.

Some patients are of high acuity with tracheostomies and non-invasive ventilation, which provides excellent experience for those interested in pursuing a critical care nursing career.

The ward provides a fantastic medical and surgical base for your nursing career in a highly supportive team environment.


Specialist Surgery (Ward 6 East)

We are a busy and dynamic specialty surgical ward providing care to both emergency and elective patients.

Our patients present with diverse and at times complex conditions and care needs relating to the following units: complex oesophag-ogastric and hepatobiliary, colorectal, urology and gastroenterology.

The combination of varied patient complexities, a multi-disciplinary approach to the provision of patient-centred care and a supportive team environment fosters professional development and offers fantastic opportunities to consolidate advanced nursing practice.


Trauma / Orthopedics (Ward 2 East)

Ward 2 East is the major receiving inpatient ward for road, domestic and workplace trauma patients at the Alfred.

We are a surgical ward that admits patients from predominantly the Operating Theatres, Intensive Care and the Emergency Department.

We also care for elective orthopaedic surgical patients. Our focus is on providing a dynamic, supportive and reflective environment where teamwork and person centred care is paramount.

We achieve this through preceptor-ship, Primary Nursing and a ward based Clinical Support and Development nurse.


The Alfred Centre

The Alfred Centre is an exciting and innovative new health care facility, purpose built to provide short-stay elective surgery, diagnostic procedures and other planned services to patients.

Within a supportive team environment you will have the opportunity to develop skills in caring for patients with a broad range of conditions across a number of specific areas.

These include: Pre & Post Procedural Nursing: including pre admission assessment of patients, recovery room care, day surgery care, as well as short stay inpatient surgical care. Medical Day Unit: including day procedural and post radiological intervention care. Medihotel: accommodation for patients who are self-caring in nature who are supported in a hotel-style environment.