Remembering Caulfield Hospital in your Will

A Will is one of the most important ways of planning ahead. It enables you to provide for your family, friends and associates and stipulate how you wish your estate to be distributed. By making a Will, your wishes will be clear.

A bequest is a gift or legacy left in your Will that will ensure you support those you care about, as you intended.

Your support can also assist Caulfield Hospital enhance its specialised services. Past support through bequests has helped the hospital update medical equipment and introduce new programs. A recent bequest allowed us to further our care and treatment of patients with Alzheimer's.

Your support could also help us further our research into conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, head injury, osteoporosis and heart disease. Bequests directly benefit our current and future patients.

Your Will - Your bequest

There are a number of ways you can provide for Caulfield Hospital in your Will:

  • A residual bequest provides for your family and friends first, then leaves the remainder or part of the remainder to Caulfield Hospital;
  • A percentage of your estate can be divided among a number of people and an organisation such as Caulfield Hospital;
  • A specific amount leaves a specific dollar amount to Caulfield Hospital. Specific dollar amounts can be eroded by inflation, so should be reviewed regularly;
  • A particular bequest can leave a specific piece of property including shares, securities, real estate or some other tangible piece of property.
  • A trust allows a spouse or other person to use your property and to receive the income derived from your estate during their lifetime. The capital can then pass to Caulfield Hospital after they have passed on.

For further information, click here to view our Bequest Brochure.

Alternatively, please contact Fundraising by phone: 9076 6275.