Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS)


Maureen Smith Manager 9076 6314

Description of Service

For referrals contact intake on 9076 6314 or fax 9076 6428.

Caulfield Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) is one of the Aged Care Assessment Services within the National Aged Care Assessment Program (ACAP). Auspiced by Alfred Health, Caulfield ACAS provides independent assessment services to aged persons and some younger disabled persons within the local government areas of Stonnington, Glen Eira and Port Phillip. The Aged Care Assessment Service ensures frail older people gain access to Commonwealth Programs appropriate to their needs such as; Aged Care Packages and Residential Aged Care services. In addition to the assessment of eligibility for such programs, the service also provides information, referrals and coordination with other aged care services and health and community support services. As part of the Southern Region’s Aged Care Assessment Service, Caulfield ACAS works collaboratively with other Victorian Aged Care Assessment Services to identify client issues and provide a common approach to assessment.

Referrals for an assessment can be accepted from a range of people including individuals, families, GP’s, service providers.  Contact the intake worker on 9076 6314 or fax to 9076 6428.  Waiting times can vary depending on current demand.

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General Information

9076 6314 / 9076 6428

1st Floor, Caulfield House, Caulfield Hospital
260 Kooyong Rd, Caulfield 3162

Hours Of Service
Monday to Friday
8.45am – 4.45pm