Dr Catherine Lynch Head of Unit 9076 1000
Dr Barry Kras Paediatrician 9076 1000
Prof Samuel Menahem Paediatrician 9076 1000
Dr Gehan Roberts Paediatrician 9076 1000
Dr Gideon Lurie Paediatrician 9076 1000
Dr Des Guppy Paediatrician 9076 1000

Description of Service

- Paediatric Clinic

The Paediatric service at Sandringham Hospital is designed to support The Womens at Sandringham Maternity Service, Level 2 Special Care Nursery, Emergency Department and a limited number of surgeries that are performed on children under 16 years of age.

There is no dedicated paediatric ward and as such paediatric patients are admitted to Short Stay Unit in the Emergency Department.

Paediatric patients can also be seen in our Outpatient clinic by way of referral from the Maternity ward, Special Care Nursery, Emergency Department or from your GP via a faxed referral to 9076 1583. 

Referrals may include a range of paediatric conditions including developmental and behavioural problems.  The service has close links with Alfred CYMHS (child and youth mental health services) located at Moorabbin.

Alfred Health works within the Vulnerable babies, children and young people at risk of harm: Best practice framework for acute health services.

This is a Department of Health initiative to improve responses to these vulnerable children and coordination a consistent responses across Public Hospitals, with the aim of providing the best and most appropriate range of services for each child at risk and their family

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