Community Participation

Community & Consumer Participation at Alfred Health

At Alfred Health, we work in partnership with patients, carers, families and other consumers of our services to improve the patient experience of care in the following ways

Committees, working groups, focus groups and other activities to use the patient or consumer perspective in

-       Service planning

-       Developing models of care

-       Care measurement and evaluation

-       Review and development of patient information materials

-       The collection and analysis of patient feedback to help us identify where we are doing things well but where we need to make improvements

Individual patients and families are also encouraged to exercise their own health care rights by making decisions about their own healthcare and treatment decisions.


The term patient is inclusive and is used at Alfred Health when referring to consumers, carers, clients, families, residents and other support people.

At Alfred Health, we use the term consumer interchangeably also, but use it more frequently when referring to past, current or potential users of our health service or another health service who uses their own personal experience to formally assist us improve our services by presenting the patient, family or community perspective.

Acknowledging the many different health care experiences people have of our health service and others, we have developed four levels of participation for different types of consumers dependent on their experience and interest. For more information about how you can use your experience and interests to help improve our services,

   Level 1: Member of the Community Advisory Committee  

   Level 2: Member of the Consumer Register (volunteer consumer)

   Level 3: Patient/Carer

   Level 4: Mental Health Consumer 

Consumer Level 1 


 A member of the Community Advisory Committee (considered a community representative)
Example: member of the Medication Safety Advisory Committee


Consumer Level 2


A member of the consumer register (considered a type of volunteer)
Example: member of the selection panel for the graduate nurse award


Consumer Level 3


Current or past patients/carers participating in short term or one off activities
Example: attendance at a forum for the review of a specific program with the purpose of providing a patient perspective on care provided


Consumer Level 4


Consumer or carer consultant employees specific to mental health services
Example: Participation in mental health service governance committee’s to enable consumer/carer perspectives to be included in service planning, improvement and evaluation activities.