Sandringham  Orthopaedic Preadmission and Outpatient Clinics


Ms Tania Urquhart Orthopaedic Coordinator 9076 1291 Email
Ms Lynne Polson Orthopaedic Coordinator 9076 1291 Email

Description of Service

Orthopaedic Pre-admission

This clinic operates on a Wednesday, staff attending the clinic include Anaesthetic, Registered Nurses, Medical staff and Allied Health Team members.

Sandringham booking office will request patients having elective surgery to attend this clinic, not all patients having surgery are required to attend.

The clinic pre-admits patients to ensure they are fit for surgery at Sandringham Hospital. Investigations are performed, a discharge plan is discussed and the patient is seen by the medical staff, nursing staff and Allied Health.Any concerns the patient has are discussed at this time.

Orthopaedic Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient clinics operate two half days a week on a Monday and Friday morning and on alternate Thursday mornings.

Patients who wish to be seen by a specialist must first obtain a referral from their GP or if they have been seen by the Emergency Department one will be provided.

Once a referral is received by the clinic it is assessed (triaged) by the specialists and an appropriate appointment is made (this may take some time depending on the nature of the problem).

You will receive a letter confirming when an appointment has been made for you. Please refer to the Sandringham Outpatient Information sheet for details on what to bring to your appointment.

Post operative patients are also seen in these clinics.  

Patients are seen in the clinic according to appointment time
NOT arrival time.

It may appear that other patients are being seen before you. We have more than one team of doctors working in clinic at any given time.Patients are seen according to the appointment schedule of the doctor they are seeing

General Information

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Hours Of Service
Outpatient Clinics:
Monday, (alternate)Thursday & Friday mornings

Pre-Admission Clinics: