Pain Management Service


Dr Carolyn Arnold Director
Ms Alison Johnson Manager
Ms Kaye Trewin Administration
Dr Carolyn Arnold Medical
Dr Jason Teh Medical
Dr Peter Janovic Medical
Dr Dush Shan Psychiatrist
Dr Matthew Frei Medical
Dr Kerry Thompson Medical
and a Pain Medicine Trainee
Prof Stephen Gibson Research Director
Dr Melita Giummarra Research Fellow
Ms Janet Firth Physiotherapist
Ms Elizabeth O'Leary Physiotherapy
Ms Lisa Oakley Feldenkrais Practitioner
Ms Fiona Thomas Occupational Therapist
Ms Pauline Gardner Clinical Psychologist
Ms Gail Powell Psychologist
Dr Giselle Withers Clinical Psychologist
Ms June Davis Clinical Nurse Consultant
Dr Beth Vella Clinical Psychologist
Ms Greta De Vincentis Allied Health Assistant

Description of Service

The Caulfield Pain Management and Research Centre is an ambulatory service providing specialist assessment and treatment for adults with chronic non-malignant pain and cancer survivors with chronic pain.

The Centre aims to assist patients to reduce the impact of persistent pain by optimising pain treatments, improving function and promoting self-management.

This is achieved by expert assessment, patient education and access to a number of treatment modalities.

A medical referral is required. The centre services the state of Victoria for public, TAC, Workcover and Veterans Affairs clients.

The centre undertakes research on outcomes of pain treatments, psychosocial aspects of chronic pain, pain and ageing and novel therapies for pain.

It also has close links with The Alfred's Acute Pain Service (in Anaesthesia) as well as various specialist services treating chronic pain conditions.

Together the services are accredited for training in Pain Medicine.

Services Offered

  • Medical Management
  • Assessment and advice and recommendations for ongoing treatment
  • Case-management
  • Multidisciplinary Pain Management Programmes
  • Functional and Physical programmes
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Education to Referrers and other parties
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Interventional Procedures (anaesthetic blocks)
  • Referral for interventions, when indicated
  • Centre for assessment of patients for Spinal Implant Surgery
  • Medico Legal reports

Pain Management Programs

Pain Management Programs

SMART (Self Management and Resource Tools) 

This program is offered to clients following referral to the service. It is a two and a half hour information session. It's goals are to provide clients with current information about chronic pain mechanisms, current treatment concepts and information about what Caulfield Pain Management + Research Centre can provide. It also provides an introduction to self-management strategies which may assist clients to manage their pain whilst they are waiting for assessment.

Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Group (PT/OT)

This is a six week program with Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy input.  It is a goal based program involving a functional restoration approach and graded exposure to exercise and activity, along with practical pain management strategies.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Pain Management Group programs

The CBT pain management program below is a multi-disciplinary group program which aims to help participants understand their pain condition and to learn strategies to help them manage their pain and assist them to improve their quality of life. Each program operates for one day a week for a period of 9 weeks ( 1 day of introduction and 8 of the program itself). The programs run during school term.

The program consists of:

  • Formal education sessions
  • Gym program with integrated Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Stress Management and Relaxation
  • Feldenkrais or Tai Chi (Movement Meditation)

Follow up Group Program

Consists of:

  • A group review session at approximately 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months after completion of the 8 week program

Individual Management

Customised programs involving individual sessions with psychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, Feldemkrais practioner are offered on a limited basis when appropriate.

The goal of the program is to teach people to self manage their pain and be able to access appropriate supports in the community at completion of their program.



Major aims of the research program:

  • To conduct research that informs clinical practice and improves our basic understanding of clinical pain and its consequences.
    • Ensure an active, ongoing research program.
    • Obtain ethics approvals where appropriate.
    • Select, review and manage the psychometric data base.
    • Develop new areas of clinical research.
  • To widely disseminate research findings.
    • Publish in recognised professional journals.
    • Publish in textbooks and conference proceedings.
    • Present at national and international scientific meetings.
  • To create a vibrant research environment where research is valued and incorporated into routine clinical practice.
    • Ensure the professional development of all research staff.
    • Enlist the involvement of clinical staff in research activities.
    • Feedback the findings from research activities to clinical staff.
    • Undertake research programs directed by clinical staff.
  • To increase collaborative research with other organisations (including the hospital, other universities and research institutions).
    • Develop joint research programs with the Caulfield General Medical Centre.
    • Develop joint research with other pain clinics.
    • Attract university research students and research professionals from other organisations.
  • To develop an appropriate funding base for continuing research activity and seek new investigator driven funding opportunities.
    • Monitor new funding opportunities.
    • Submit funding proposals to relevant organisations/authorities.

General Information

9076 6834 / 9076 4060

Ashley Ricketson Building,
Caulfield Hospital
260 Kooyong Rd
Caulfield 3162
entry via gate 2

Hours Of Service
Tuesday to Friday
8.30am - 5.00pm

Referrals are processed via Caulfield Access on:
Ph: 9076 6776
Fax: 9076 6773

Outpatient Information
Clients should be over 18 years of age and have had continuous pain for more than three months in the past six.

We do not encourage referrals for only medication / prescription renewals.

There is presently a waiting list of approximately 4 months.

Prioritisation of referrals:

- CRPS < 3 months duration
- Repeated ED presentations
- At risk of job loss

A medical referral is required from a general practitioner or specialist.

Please use the form in Department Files at the bottom of this page.

All clients receive a questionnaire that needs to be returned before their referral is accepted.

An initial appointment will be posted out to the client in the weeks prior to the initial appointment.

The assessment process involves an initial interview with one of the medical staff which may be followed by allied health assessments depending on the recommendations made.

A letter is sent out to the GP and or referring Doctor at completion of the initial appointment.