Nutrition and Dietetics Department


A/Prof Ibolya Nyulasi Manager 9076 3063 Email
Ms Indi Swan Clinical Operations Leader (Acting) 9076 6882 Email
Ms Kathleen Shields Dietitian 9076 6724 Email
Ms Joanna Peter Dietitian 9076 6254 Email
Ms Sarah Ryan Dietitian 9076 6722 Email
Ms Georgina Konidaris Dietitian 9076 6722 Email
Ms Clare Robinson Dietitian 9076 6722 Email
Ms Kristina Rafferty Dietitian 9076 6722 Email
Ms Beth Viner-Smith Dietitian 9076 6734 Email
Ms Shaeron Murray Nutrition Assistant 9076 6722 Email
Ms Jessica Browne Nutrition Assistant 9076 6722 Email

Description of Service

Dietetic service is provided to Caulfield Hospital's inpatient units/wards, extended and interim residential care units, outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation unit and the Caulfield Community Rehabilitation Centre (both centre and home based teams).

The aim of the service is to assist in optimising patients, residents and client's health, nutritional status and quality of life. The Dietitians perform nutrition assessments, prescribe therapeutic diets and/or nutrition support and provide dietary counselling and education. The Nutrition Assistant’s provide dietetic support through nutrition risk screening and monitoring of patients at nutritional risk. 

The Nutrition department works closely with the Caulfield Hospital Food Service team to establish nutritional specifications and meal delivery standards to ensure the nutritional needs of the patients and residents are met. The department is also responsible for the selection, tendering and clinical management of enteral formulas and oral supplements.

The Nutrition Department operates as an amalgamated department as part of Alfred Health. The department is involved in the clinical teaching and supervision of students undertaking the Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University and Latrobe University.

General Information

9076 6722 / 9076 6003

Building 28,
Caulfield Hospital

Hours Of Service
Monday to Friday,
8.30am – 5.00pm

on call after hours
Monday to Friday,
5.00pm – 8.00pm,
8.00am – 8.00pm
(This service is provided via the Nutrition department at The Alfred)

Outpatient Information
Dietetic services are provided via a referral from medical, allied health or nursing staff.

Referrals for inpatients or residents can be made via electronic referral (where possible), phone or by paging the Dietitian servicing the specific unit or ward.

Response time to referrals varies depending upon the reason for referral. Acknowledgement of referrals to all inpatient units/wards will be made within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Referrals for all outpatient / ambulatory care services must be made via the Caulfield Access Unit on 03) 9076 6776.