Amputee Services


Dr Michael Chou Head of Amputee Unit 9076 6655 Email

Description of Service

The Amputee Rehabilitation Unit provides clinical services for inpatients, outpatients and same day rehabilitation patients.

An interdisciplinary team approach is used in conjunction with Caulfield Hospital's prosthetic and orthotic manufacturing service.

The Unit treats well over 120 new upper and lower limb amputees per year. Pre-amputation assessment and counselling is encouraged as part of the service.

Amputees suitable for rehabilitation are initially admitted to a 16-18 bed ward unit as inpatients, or where possible, managed through an extensive outpatient program with an outpatient management and review service, for life.

Regular reviews are provided for all outpatients, initially as required followed by 3,6 or 12 monthly intervals.

The unit actively participates in research and latest advances in prosthetic management, as well as education for medical, prosthetics and allied health undergraduate students.

For further information please visit the Prosthetics and Orthotics page.

General Information

9076 6261

Amputee Unit,
between main ward block
and administration building,
Caulfield Hospital

Hours Of Service
Monday to Friday
9.00am - 5.00pm

Outpatient Information
A medical referral is required for all patients to the service, phone 9076 6261