Renal Medicine


Prof. Rowan Walker Director Renal Medicine, Program Director Cancer & Medical Specialties 9076 2580
Dr Solomon Menahem Deputy Director Renal Services Consultant Nephrologist Head of Transplantation 9076 2580
Dr Scott Wilson Consultant Nephrologist Director of Dialysis Services 9076 2580
Dr Trung Quach Nephrologist VMO 9076 2585/9076 2580
Dr Robert Flanc Nephrologist VMO 9076 2000
Dr Annie Fung Nephrologist VMO 9076 2000
Dr Anastasia Chrysostomou Nephrologist VMO 9076 2000
Dr. Louise Seward Consultation Liaison Psychiatrist 9076 2580
Professor Napier Thomson Honorary Physician 9903 6040
Ms Daniella Chiappetta Nurse Manager Ward 4B & Dialysis 9076 5050
Ms Anne Weston Nurse Manager 4B Dialysis 9076 3557
Ms Di Peart Nurse Manager, Caulfield Haemodialysis 9076 6195
Ms Catherine Reid Nurse Manager, Sandringham Haemodialysis 9076 1421
Ms Suzanne Douglas Dialysis Co-ordinator 9076 2923
Ms Christine Ellis Transplant Co-ordinator 9076 2823
Mr Peter Tregaskis Peritoneal Dialysis Educator 9076 2529
Ms Barbara Cottell Home Haemodialysis Training Nurse 9076 3365
Ms Kethly Fallon Operations Manager (Special Medicine) 9076 2826
Ms Jacqueline Dixon Clinical Trials Coordinator 9076 8845
Ms Claire Galbraith Clinical Trials Coordinator 9076 8845
Mr Omar Tombocon Renal Outreach & Hybrid Coordinator 9076 3365

Description of Service

The Department of Renal Medicine is responsible for inpatient and outpatient care of people with renal impairment (acute renal insufficiency and chronic kidney disease). 

This includes medical and surgical ward services, pre-dialysis assessment, and renal replacement therapies.  The department offers haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis programs with an evolving emphasis on home-based therapies. 

The department also provides a comprehensive kidney transplantation service (live donor and deceased donor). Relevant patient and family/carer education and support services for pre dialysis and transplant patient education sessions are held throughout the year.

Specialised staffing roles include: 

  • Dialysis Co-ordinator
  • Transplant Co-ordinator
  • Home Peritoneal Dialysis Training
  • Home Haemodialysis Training
  • Renal research

The department maintains a close liaison with Psychiatry and allied health, including social work and dietetics.

Outreach Program

The pfrogressive chronic kidney disease and pre-dialysis program centres around 3 main components aimed at promoting home based therapies;

  1. Education
  2. Support and guidance
  3. Decision making

Patients are encouraged to be involved in their plan of care and to include their family/ support people in the decision making process regarding conservative care options as well as those chosing dialysis and transplantation.

Ward 4WA is an acute 20 bed unit with 4 haemodialysis rooms that provide a comprehensive suite of medical services to patients across renal, endocrinology and rheumatology specialities.

4WA provides both medical and surgical care for patients with acute and chronic renal disease.

The Peritoneal Dialysis Home Training Unit is located in Ward 7West. The day unit is staffed by Clinical Nurse Specialists, who provide a comprehensive peritoneal dialysis training program and ongoing support for patients and carers.

The Home Haemodialysis Training Unit is co-located in the Alfred Haemodialysis unit in Ward 4ADU. It provides an intensive home dialysis training program and ongoing support for existing patients.

The Alfred Dialysis Unit is an acute incentre haemodialysis unit. It is open from 7:00am to 21:00 Monday to Saturday and Sunday 7:00am to 15:30 and currently also provides acute dialysis support services for CCU, ICU, ED, and 7 West. An oncall service is provided out of hours.

The Caulfield Haemodialysis Unit is a satellite chronic haemodialysis unit open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm. The Caulfield unit also provides support for patients in Caulfield hospital with ESKD requiring dialysis.

The Sandringham Haemodialysis Unit is a satellite chronic haemodialysis unit open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm.

The Renal Transplant Program combines both Deceased donor and Living donor transplant programs. A complete medical, psychological and surgical assessment of both potential recipients and donors is provided on the background of exhaustive Transplant Patient Education Sessions aimed at providing patients and family/carers with information regarding transplantation, along with printed material and other educational resources.

Research Program
The renal service is further developing a clinical trials program with particular emphasis on pre-ESKD studies.

Outpatient Department Information
The Department  offers four multi-disciplinary renal outpatient sessions per week (2 on the Alfred Campus and one at Caulfield and one at Sandringham).  There are also private consulting sessions available.

Department Files

General Information

9076 2580 / 9076 3494

4th Floor Main Ward Block,
The Alfred

Hours Of Service
24 hr inpatient emergency and consultative service