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Jane Feutrill Manager
Acute Occupational Therapy & Alfred Appliance Centre
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Dr Natasha Lannin Associate Professor Occupational Therapy 9076 3526 Email
Ms Michelle Farquhar Clinical Services Co-ordinator & Stream Leader:
Neurosciences & Trauma
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Ms Adrienne Munro Stream Leader:
General Medicine & General Surgery
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Ms Sonal Wallace Stream Leader:
Medical Specialities
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Ms Tanya Cole Stream Leader:
Plastics/Hand Therapy and Burns
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Dr Lisa O'Brien Grade 4 - Quality Coordinator 9076 3526 Email
Ms Di Wiseman Acting Discipline Senior
Adult Psychiatry
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Ms Lara Nikitin Stream Leader:
Child & Youth Mental Health Services
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Description of Service

Our Mission

The Alfred Occupational Therapy service strives to enhance people's quality of life by enabling them to participate in chosen life occupations.

Objectives of the Alfred Occupational Therapy Service

  • Through research, continual service improvement, evidence-based practice and client-centred practice, achieve and maintain a high quality occupational therapy service
  • Demonstrate ongoing commitment to the occupational therapy profession by participating in teaching, professional development and promotion of occupational therapy
  • Through regular evaluation and client-centred protocols, ensure consumer participation and feedback in service delivery and planning
  • Develop and implement strategies to recruit and retain staff who espouse this mission and objectives, and those of The Alfred.

Our Services

Occupational therapy focuses on enabling people to live satisfying and meaningful lives by helping them participate in the occupations they want to do, need to do and are expected to do.

Occupations include all the activities that occupy people's time such as self care tasks, household duties, community involvement, work or study and leisure pursuits.

Occupational therapists assess:

  • People's physical, cognitive and psychosocial capacities, skills and difficulties in performing their chosen occupations.
  • The environments in which people perform their occupations e.g. home assessments
  • The unique ways in which individuals participate in occupations.

Occupational therapy interventions are designed to:

  • Enable people to participate in their chosen occupations by building people's skills and capacity, providing education, providing assistive equipment and modifying environments.
  • Promote health and well-being through encouraging people to engage in occupations that enhance health.

Occupational therapists have the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in the areas of medical specialities, neuro-musculoskeletal, aged care and mental health. Specialist occupational therapy services include:

  • Burns/scar management
  • Child and adolescent mental health
  • Cystic fibrosis  
  • Heart and lung transplants
  • HIV and infectious diseases
  • Neurosciences
  • Splinting and upper limb injury management
  • Trauma

The Alfred also offers occupational therapy services in the areas of child & adolescent (infancy - 18 years) and adult psychiatry (16 - 65 years). Occupational therapists in this area are concerned with understanding and addressing:

  • The occupational performance needs and issues of people who are at risk of mental illness, or experiencing mental health problems.
  • The ways in which people's environments support and restrict their occupational performance, development and recovery.

Occupational therapists are employed in the Homeless Outreach Persons Service (HOPS), Continuing Care Teams (Junction & Waiora); Mobile Support and Treatment Service (MSTS); Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS), Community Care Units (CCU) and the Acute inpatient program.

Occupational therapists in Alfred psychiatry have both discipline specific and generic roles, such as case management

Clinical Support and Professional Development

The Alfred occupational therapy service provides a supportive work environment and has a well-developed supervision structure. Professional development opportunities are encouraged and supported through:

  • Fortnightly in-services.
  • Internal courses such as computer, presentation and leadership workshops.
  • External courses relevant to your practice areas.
  • Post graduate learning is also encouraged to enhance career development
  • Grade One peer support program 

Research and Evidence Based Practice

The Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy is a joint appointment with LaTrobe University and Alfred Health. 

The role has been invaluable in supporting clinician's involvement in clinical research as well as developing stronger links between postgraduate and honours students and the clinicians.

Strong relationships with leading tertiary institutions have created exciting opportunities to undertake occupational therapy projects and research.

Ongoing quality and evidence based practice activities are undertaken, in collaboration with other acute facilities within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Research is also conducted at the Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (APRC) which is recognised on both a national and international level;  

Employment Opportunities

The Alfred is a large, complex and dynamic organisation. Challenging career opportunities arise regularly, opening doors for careers in a variety of specialty clinical areas.

Our department structure affords opportunities for full-time, part-time, ongoing or temporary roles for junior and senior staff, in both specialist and generalist areas of practice.

Vacancies are listed on The Alfred Health website and on Seek.

New Graduate Program

The new graduate positions for both Alfred Acute and Alfred Psychiatry are advertised at Seek.com and on The Alfred Health careers website October/November each year and commence in January the year after.

Alfred Acute New Graduate Program

Our purpose-designed program for new graduate occupational therapists provides a supportive environment which enables the development and consolidation of knowledge, skills & team work. It is a two-year program, incorporating four, six monthly rotations.

The positions offer an excellent opportunity to gain experiences in a range of clinical areas that cover a variety of medical and surgical units at The Alfred, including a subacute rotation to Caulfield Hospital.

There are several professional development opportunities within this role, including formal and informal supervision, Grade One peer support and access to internal and external professional development.

Alfred Psychiatry New Graduate Program

The Occupational Therapy Grade 1 rotation program incorporates a two year rotating contract. It includes a one year rotation into the acute stream either in the Adult Inpatient Service at The Alfred or Aged Psychiatry service at Caulfield General Medical Centre and a one year rotation into the rehabilitation stream either in the Community Care Unit in St Kilda or the Mobile Support and Treatment Service (MSTS). Each service has a team work and multi-disciplinary approach to care.

There are several professional development opportunities within this role, including formal and informal supervision, Grade One peer support and access to internal and external professional development.

New Graduate Peer Support Program

A component of the support offered to new graduates is the peer support group. Grade one occupational therapists in both the main hospital and psychiatry met regularly and discuss the following:

  • Professional issues specific to the challenges of making the transition from undergraduate to graduate.
  • The challenges specific to being part of a rotational contract position; to working within large organisation.
  • Enhancement of linkages between psychiatry and the main hospital with a view to integrated service delivery.

Occupational Therapist Bank

The occupational therapist bank is a pool of occupational therapists looking for flexibility and control in their working lives.

At The Alfred, opportunities to do locum work on either a short term or casual basis frequently arise. These positions often suit those returning to occupational therapy from an extended time away from the workforce, or time away from an acute health setting.

Contact the occupational therapy manager to register your interest.

Work Experience

The Alfred occupational therapy service offers work experience placements to both school and university students.

Work experience is a great opportunity to develop a basic understanding of occupational therapy in an acute hospital setting (please note work experience is not offered in Alfred psychiatry).

If you are interested in applying for work experience please send a written request to the Human Resources Department, The Alfred Hospital, PO BOX 315 Prahran, Victoria, 3181.

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Student Placements

An extensive education program is offered for occupational therapy students from La Trobe and Charles Sturt universities, affording experience in working with patients with a variety of medical conditions. This includes undergraduate and post graduate clinical placements.

Enquiries from students studying at other universities in Australia or overseas are welcome, however negotiation and support from the local university must also be available and initiated by the student to ensure adequate support during the placement. Please contact the occupational therapy department on (03) 9076 3526.

Staff Benefits

  • ADO's
  • Salary Packaging
  • Alfred Fitness Centre
  • Alfred Child care Centre
  • On or off-site parking at competitive rates
  • Counselling Service
  • Staff Health Clinic
  • Physiotherapy consultations

General Information

9076 3526 / 9076 2920

Hours Of Service
Monday to Friday
8.00am to 5.00pm

Some specialist services (Mobile Support and Treatment Service, Homeless Outreach Psychiatric Service & Medical Short Stay Unit) are available seven days per week.

Alfred Occupational Therapy Services Brochure available on request