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Description of Service


Telehealth offers video conferencing and other technologies to provide real time health related services and education or support for long distance users. 

Telehealth provides the opportunity for both clinical and non-clinical services, education and support to be delivered, or accessed, without the need for expensive and time consuming travel.

High quality videoconferencing can be combined with supporting images (eg: PowerPoint slides) to allow health professionals to interact face to face with remote peers or patients. 

Services categories are: 

Clinical Consultations: 

For those patients who have been discharged to another facility, or back home to a regional area, appointments can be achieved through the use of a Telehealth Consultation. 

Patient Benefits: 

Reduced travel and associated cost, more timely health care for selected groups, possibility of local treatment and/or early return to local community, statewide access to services, improved access to education and support for local health providers.

Clinician Benefits: 

Reduced costs, improved service, enhanced statewide capability, increased productivity, streamlined case management, potential to avoid admissions, coordinated care, enhanced statewide and international peer support network, potential to conduct interviews remotely.

Education Services:

  • Scheduled Professional Development

  • Tailored Professional Development

General Services:

  • Clinical suite hire

  • Seminar suite hire

  • Multi-site coordination and booking

  • All sessions are attended by a member of the e-health team. 

  • Some fees may apply for the provision of educational and general services.

General Information

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