Alfred Health Hospital In The Home (HITH)


Billy Wickham Nurse Manager 9076 6985 Email
Dr Andrew Fuller HITH Physician 9076 6985

Description of Service

Alfred Health HITH provides acute home nursing care to a wide variety of patients within the metropolitan area and across the state. HITH operates across the Alfred and Sandringham, providing a seven day a week service.  Patients can be referred from The Alfred, Sandringham and Caulfield Hospitals.

HITH aims to reduce the inpatient length of stay through the implementation of acute home-based health care, to improve the utilisation of the acute resources.  Patients admitted to the HITH program receive care that would otherwise need to be delivered within the hospital setting. Classified as admitted inpatients, these patients remain under the management of a medical unit until discharged from HITH.

  • Alfred Health HITH provides a broad range of treatments, including (but not limited to):·   
  • Intravenous antibiotics      
  • Acute wound care       
  • Anticoagulation management    
  • Exacerbation of Cystic Fibrosis  
  • Specialist therapies (Eg. Gancyclovir, home Inotropes & IV Lasix)

HITH is part of the Emergency and Acute Medicine program.  The HITH team consists of highly skilled nurses who coordinate (Clinical Coordinator) and provide (Nurse Clinician) patient care in the community.  An Infectious Diseases consultant is allocated to HITH with a supporting registrar. 


Nurse Manager: Billy Wickham

Operations Manager: Fiona Kirwan

Clinical Service Director: Martin Keogh

Program Director: Harvey Newnham

Hours of operation

Alfred & Sandringham sites:
7 days 0700 - 2130

Contact details:
Phone: (03) 9076 6985
Intake: Pg 5596


All referrals to HITH to be made via Powerchart e-referral

HITH Intake Coordinator can be contacted to discuss potential referrals on pg 5596

Medical management of HITH patients

All HITH patients remain under the care of the parent medical unit based at one of the Alfred Health sites. Patients are routinely reviewed by the medical team within the HITH clinic space (see below). If a clinical deterioration occurs, a HITH patient will have a clinical review and/or re-admission facilitated by the HITH Clinical Coordinator and the treating medical unit.

HITH Clinic Space

A clinical space is available in the HITH office 7 days per week.  A patient can be reviewed in this area if there is a change in their clinical condition, including review prior to discharge.  Contact the HITH Office on ext 66985 to arrange a time.

HITH provides an acute clinical service therefore patients should be discharged at a time when they are longer acute enough to meet the HITH admission criteria.  *NB: Patients must be receiving ongoing care that would otherwise require an inpatient admission.